Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Instagram Favorites

If you're an active social-media user, you probably have an Instagram account. I really love it, and beside Pinterest, it is my favorite social network. Here are my top 5 favorite Instagram users:

1. muradosmann
"Follow Me" is a personal project of Russian photographer Murad Osmann, who immortalized his travels around the world with his girlfriend yourleo in a series of interesting photographs. I love it!

2. upcloseandstylish
She's easy to discover on Instagram, with over 900,000 followers. It is hard to know more about her: she is nameless and faceless blonde women who obviously prefers to stay anonymous while sharing her great style. The only things we know about her is that she has beautiful baby girl, and that she is crazy about Louboutins and Hermes bags.

3. parisinfourmonths
Carin Olsson is a photographer who moved to Paris in January 2012, left her job, family and friends back in Stockholm, to pursue a little dream she had - to discover Paris and explore life in another country. Her Instagram profile is amazing and full of beautiful photos of my favorite city!

If you'd like to get to know Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina, this is the right Instagram profile for you. Check out some of the most wonderful photos of Sarajevo.

Larisa Levin is a founder of classy-inthecity.com/ and Owner of classy-charms.com. I really love her posts on Instagram. 


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