Thursday, March 6, 2014

DIY: Statement Necklace for Spring

Will you be wearing statement necklaces this spring ? Though some of the previous Hollywood shows saw minimal sparkle, the Oscars red carpet saw few beautiful ladies wearing shiny and stunning statements necklaces. So, I guess they are still IN. 

I love jewelry DIY's, and here is one quite simple and easy. Make your own statement necklace for spring. 

Materials Needed:
- rope
- superglue
- a piece of felt
- rhinestones
- scissors
- jewelry plyers
- needle and thread
- 2 end caps
- a lobster clasp and jump rings

1. Cut out your felt into squares and then plan your design. You may want to draw it or copy the one we have created. Using a toothpick or skewer, put some glue onto the back of the rhinestones.

2. Begin applying the crystals to the felt.

3. Continue creating your pattern.

4. Once you have made your pattern, let it dry overnight.

5. Cut out the pattern, making sure to cut as close to the crystals as possible so that the felt can't be seen.

6. Add glue to the end caps and press them onto the ends of the rope.

7. Add a jump ring to one end cap and a jump ring and lobster clasp to the other end.

8. Sew or glue your jewel clusters to the necklace, making sure they are centered.

9. And here it is, you have your perfect statement necklace for spring! :)


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