Friday, May 27, 2011

Daily Inspiration: Natalia Vodianova on Vogue covers

Vogue Italia, December 2002

 Vogue Paris, March 2003

 Vogue UK, January 2004

Vogue Paris, April 2006

 Vogue Paris, October 2006

 Vogue US, July 2007

 Vogue UK, May 2008

 Vogue UK, June 2009

Vogue Russia, June 2009

 Vogue Italia, September 2009

Vogue Russia, September 2010

Vogue UK, May 2011


  1. joj jedva čekam da kupim pariški vogue sada kad budem išao do njemačke :))

  2. Vogue Russia, September 2010 mi je naj naj!:)

  3. She is so beautiful.. Love the last cover.. Aside from her beauty, she is an amazing person and humanitarian..

    All the best, Angel


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